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The following are cutting Instructions for Universal File Bar© (#UFB401). Step one is to determine the length you require. Below are instructions for measuring your lateral file cabinet drawer.

A) For side to side filing, measure the INSIDE distance from drawer wall to drawer wall, then subtract 1/8" for the actual bar length. Each clip takes up 1/16" of drawer space. (see drawing).

B) For front to back filing, determine if there is a ridge or edge that the clip can attach to. If so, the above instructions apply here also. If not, then you must first create a side-to-side UFB©. It now becomes the edge that the front-to-back bar can attach to.

Common methods for cutting UFB's to the required length are: hacksaw, bandsaw, jigsaw, sawzall, chopsaw, coldsaw and drysaw. The material is 1/16" galvanized steel, so any of the preceding methods equipped with a metal cutting blade will work well.

Caution:Wear safety glasses when you are cutting steel & don't forget to remove any sharp edges with a file.


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