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Q) How do you cut a Universal File Bar?
A) Recommended methods for cutting UFB's to length are: hacksaw, bandsaw, jigsaw, sawzall, chopsaw, coldsaw and drysaw.

Q) How do you cut a Universal File Bar with a hacksaw?
A) We recommend laying the bar flat in a vise, and in contact with as many teeth as possible. See photo.

Q) What length's are universal file bars available in?
A) Standard size is 40 inches long. Other lengths are available - see UFB cutting services for details.

Q) How does a Universal File Bar attach to a Universal File Clip?
A) First, determine which direction the "flat side" of the UFB will face. Second, place the clip on a flat surface, and insert the end of the bar into the slot in the clip. The UFB will "lock into" the clip. TIP: We recommend that you install the "lock crew" into the clip BEFORE inserting the bar into the clip. Only screw in approximately half way at this time.

Q) How can I install a front-to-back Universal File Bar into a lateral cabinet if there is no "edge or ridge" to hang the bar onto?
A) First, create a side-to-side UFB (1 or 2 as necessary). This UFB then functions as the "ridge" that the front-to-back bars can attach to. (See question #5).

Q) How does a Universal File Bar "attach to" another Universal File Bar?
A) The Universal File Clip (UFC547) is able to attach to the "flat side" of the UFB.

Q) How does a Universal File Bar "attach to your drawer wall?
A) See photo.

Q) What is the "lock screw" for?
A) The function of the "lock screw" is to clamp or anchor the clip in place when it is attached to a drawer wall or another UFB. The lock screw prevents the bars from accidentally moving or shifting when the drawer is opened or closed.

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